Features articles about career, work, and life transition issues. Written from my perspective as a counseling psychologist who applies psychological research to practice.

That DREADED Feeling: What to Do When You Dread Your Job

By LaRae Jome | Apr 14, 2021
Drawing of frowning faces

Here’s a quick (and unscientific) test to see if you are burned out on your job. Question: It is the…

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When Work Knocks You Down: Recovering from Negative Job Experiences

By LaRae Jome | Mar 25, 2021

In my previous job as a professor, I worked hard to be a good colleague and “team player.” I volunteered…

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How to Avoid Saying “Hurry Up and Make a Decision” to Your Teenager

By LaRae Jome | Mar 9, 2021

Tips for Helping Teenagers Make Career Plans I spoke to a parent recently who wanted career planning help for their…

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Career Books to Check Out

By LaRae Jome | Sep 29, 2020
Career Books

LaRae’s Book Reviews For just about every career question, someone wrote a book to provide some answers. I am always…

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The Introvert’s Guide to Job Searching

By LaRae Jome | Jul 8, 2020

How to use your strengths as an introvert and take control of your job search Do you avoid situations where…

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Will I Still Have a Job? Living with Job Insecurity

By LaRae Jome | May 25, 2020

How to Manage the Fear of Losing Your Job Without Losing Your Mind If you are one of the millions…

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Coping with Job Loss in the Time of COVID-19

By LaRae Jome | Apr 19, 2020
Coping with Job Loss

Losing your job is one of the most stressful life experiences…and you can get through it. Losing your job can…

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Beyond Stressed: When Work Stress Becomes Job Burnout

By LaRae Jome | Mar 17, 2020
Figure leaning over a desk in a dejected manner

Are you experiencing job burnout? Most people experience stressful times at work at some point in their life. You might…

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What are the Fastest Growing Occupations?

By LaRae Jome | Feb 12, 2020

One popular piece of career advice provided to students or career changers is to “Follow Your Passion” or “Do What…

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