Career Counseling Services

At different stages of life your career and work needs change

Whether you are beginning your career or have been working for many years, I offer a full range of career counseling services that address your work and career concerns. 


Career Exploration

Explore yourself and discover your options

Career Decision Making

Figure out your next career move


Job Searching

Get help with your job search

Job Stress and Burnout

increase your job satisfaction

Coping with Job Loss

Work and Life Balance

feel less overwhelmed and more relaxed

Career Testing

Learn about yourself and clarify your career goals


My Approach to Career Counseling

No two people have the same career counseling needs. When you meet with me for the first time, I will ask you questions about your career and work needs and then design a specific career counseling plan for you.

My approach is rooted in the belief that your work and career issues are interconnected with other aspects of your life. Your work and career decisions are influenced by who you are, your life experiences, the important people in your life, and how you feel about yourself.

Some people may benefit from more in-depth counseling that addresses both career and psychological issues. For example, if you experience anxiety or depression or a lot of self-doubt, it makes sense that you may feel anxious or depressed or lack confidence when it comes your work or career path.

As a psychologist, I provide the practical guidance to meet your career goals, as well as the emotional support needed to help you move forward in your career path.


Ready for career counseling?

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