What is Career Counseling?

Career counseling is a specialized type of counseling that focuses on your career and work needs. Career counseling involves talking to a trained career counseling professional about your work and life. The career counselor works with you to help you figure out your next career steps. Career counselors have information about occupations, job searching, and making career changes. Career counseling may involve taking career tests to assess your interests, personality traits, skills, and values.

What happens in a career counseling session?

In the first session, I ask you about the reasons that you are seeking career counseling, and I gather information about your work and life. I ask all these questions so I can understand who you are, what is important to you, and identify the goals you have for career counseling. By the end of the session I can usually provide you with an idea of how we might work together to help you achieve your goals. Depending on your career goals, other sessions might involve talking about your career and work issues, interpreting career tests, engaging in other activities such as an occupations card sort, strategizing on job searching, revising your resume, exploring job ads, or practicing interviewing.

How long will career counseling take?

Each session of career counseling is an hour. The number of sessions depends on your career needs. While the average number of career counseling sessions in my practice is 6 sessions, but some people come for fewer sessions and some for more. When you come in for your initial session, I will let you know how long it might take to achieve your career counseling goals. For example, if you are looking for help with a specific issue such as identifying a new career path or updating your resume, we might work together for 3-6 sessions. If you have multiple work and life-related concerns, such as feeling dissatisfied with your job, experiencing difficulty in your relationships at work or home, and have low self-confidence, we might work together longer to help you increase your self-confidence, sort through your feelings about your job, and help you decide on a plan of action. Counseling is very unique to you and we work together for as short or as long a time as feels helpful to you to meet your goals.

How often do I come for career counseling sessions?

Some people prefer to come for a session each week until their career counseling goals are reached. Others prefer to space out the sessions and come every other week or once a month.

How much does career counseling cost?

The cost for an individual career counseling session is $155. If you take career tests, you pay an additional fee for the cost of the test plus the session fee. You pay at the end of each session and I accept credit and debit cards, HAS cards, checks, and cash.

Do you accept insurance for career counseling?

No. Unfortunately, career counseling is not covered by most mental health insurance programs. While I do not bill insurance for career counseling, you can use any HSA account funds to pay for services with me. Some clients may be able to submit receipts to insurance for reimbursement. Check your HSA account or health insurance plan materials to know your plan coverage.

How do I make an appointment for a session?

You can schedule an appointment online through the Client Portal or contact me directly by email, phone, or text.

What is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal of TherapyZen is a secure online portal that allows you to schedule appointments, link to video sessions, complete paperwork, communicate privately with with me, and pay for sessions.

What if I need more information?

I offer a 20-minute, no-fee, consultation session. You can speak with me over the phone or come in for an in-person consultation. I can answer questions about my services to help you decide if my services are right for you. No counseling is provided during the consultation session.

What is the difference between a Career Counselor and a Career Coach?

Career counselors are mental health professionals who have training in general counseling skills and have advanced coursework in career counseling and vocational assessment. They should be licensed to practice psychology or counseling in the state in which they practice. I am a licensed psychologist (LP) in Minnesota and New York and have specialized training in conducting vocational assessments and counseling people on career issues.

Career coaches also help people with career issues, and they may or may not have a background in mental health counseling. Some coaches have business or human resources experience or obtain certifications in coaching or career development. There are no regulations on who can call themselves a “career coach” so it is important to ensure that a career coach has the appropriate credentials to provide career guidance you need.

Will you find a job for me? Do you write my resume?

No. My role as a career counselor means that I provide you with the information, knowledge, support, and confidence you need to conduct your own job search. I offer guidance on the job searching process, such as where and how to look for jobs, and help you improve your interviewing skills. I work closely with you on revising and improving your resume, but I do not fully write the resume for you and I do not provide job placement or job recruitment services.

Do you offer mental health or personal counseling?

Yes. I am a licensed psychologist and in addition to career counseling, I also provide personal counseling services.

Do you accept insurance for personal counseling?

No. My counseling services are private pay, meaning that you pay me directly for counseling. Depending on your insurance policy, you may be able to use HSA funds to pay for services or to submit receipts to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What is the difference between career counseling and personal counseling?

Both career counseling and personal counseling involve sharing your thoughts and feelings with a mental health professional, and both have the overall goal of empowering you to create the career and life you want. Career counseling is focused on the specific issues going on in your working life or career path. In addition to talking to the counselor, you may engage in different activities during the session such as interpreting career tests, working on your resume, and practicing new skills. There may be some overlap between career and personal counseling when emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and self-doubt are getting in the way of moving forward in your career path.

How do you pronounce LaRae Jome?

LaRae, is pronounced La Ray (rhymes with “Okay”).

Jome is of Norwegian origin and is pronounced Joe Me (rhymes with “Show Me”).

What should I call you?

Please call me by my first name, LaRae. If you prefer to use my title, feel free to call me Dr. Jome or Dr. LaRae.